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Russia’s controversial involvement in the Ukrainian crisis in the last months has been labeled by many commentators as an attempt to take the attention of the Russian public away from the mounting internal problems of the country. One of the most serious of these problems has been since the last few decades the catastrophic health […]


As a blog concerned with the Baltic region whose editors are mostly located in London we are naturally particularly interested in the relevant diasporas living in the Big Smoke. It is therefore our pleasure to invite you to invite you to the conference in Polish community heritage at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) on 28 […]

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by Hannah Phillips Many Western observers have framed the ongoing protests in Kiev as a desperate call of the Ukrainian people to their government to focus its efforts on working towards membership in the European Union. While this narrative has been criticised by scholars for its attempt to oversimplify the motivations of the numerous groups […]

The Baltic Sea -Humlebæk, Denmark, © Crossing the Baltic

The Crossing the Baltic team would like to thank everyone who has contributed to a successful year 2013. In addition to having a published some excellent blog posts and articles we have also been able to do a number of other activities. Two of our editors visited the BASEES European Congress at the University of […]

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by Mateusz Zatoński This article was originally published in ‘Strife’ King’s College London postgraduate blog. See the original post at Each nation celebrates key dates in history its own way. On the Fourth of July, Americans gather at hot-dog eating contests and firework displays. Britain’s Remembrance Day is a more solemn affair, with the omnipresent […]

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė - image via wikimedia commons

Philipp Köker debates whether Russia’s recent smear campaign against the Lithuanian president might in fact help her future re-election Since Lithuania took over the six-month rotating European Union presidency on 1 July, the country and particularly president Dalia Grybauskaitė’s efforts to convince her Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovch to sign an EU association agreement at the […]


by Kristofer Jäntti This text was originally published on the blog of the Finnish Institute in London- The provision of free school meals comes with some costs but many benefits. School meals as a part of the education experience plays a part in promoting a healthy lifestyle and good manners. Mirroring current trends in […]

Pierogi in a pan - source: From a Polish Country House Kitchen

Our editor-in-chief, Anna-Cara Keim, declares her love for Polish food and discovers some of London’s  more unusual eating places. Food plays an extremely important aspect in diaspora life. For most people food remains one of the most important connections they retain with their country of origin, or with the place they call home. And so it happened, that […]


Various Baltic cities, such as Riga, Tallinn or even Kiel and the Polish capital Warsaw have been featured in our eyewitness section – but so far we have overlooked Denmark’s impressive capital. Cycling city, home to the world’s best cinnamon buns and a lot more. A detailed report from this vibrant Nordic metropolis will follow […]

Map of the EU and the Eastern Partnership States

Our guest author Mariana Semenyshyn looks at the challenges that the Eastern Partnership brings for Lithuania’s EU presidency – and how history might give us some answers Lithuania has recently taken the baton of EU presidency, becoming the first Baltic state to assume the responsibilities of chairing the Council of the European Union . Although […]

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