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Tallinn: Not just Cakes and Coffee

by Anna-Cara Keim Two weeks ago I returned from another trip to Estonia’s capital Tallinn. This small but beautiful city tucked away in a far-flung corner of North- Eastern Europe has become one of my favourite travel destinations. Tallinn, which began to appear on European maps in 12th century, is a true gem on the […]

Eyewitness: Porvoo Old Town, Southern Finland

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At the Edge of Western Civilisation: A Night Out in Eastern Finland

by Anna-Cara Keim Lennä Juri Gagarin Lennä Juri Gagarin Tule eläväna takaisin…                   Miljoonasade – Lapsuuden sankarille Those lines originate from a song by the Finnish band Miljoonasade devoted to their childhood hero Yuri Gagrin. They roughly translate into “Fly on Juri Gagarin, fly on Juri Gagarin, come back alive.” This proved to be the most popular song during my […]

Russian Cinema: From Eisenstein to Sokurov

by Mateusz Zatonski The history of Russian cinema mirrors closely the turbulent fate of the country in the last century. Until the mid-1920s no one took it under account as a major film producer. Destroyed by the lengthy Civil War, there was simply no money for sets, equipment or film stock. This is why Battleship […]

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