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Eyewitness: Summertime in Kuopio, Eastern Finland

Perhaps you still remember the photos of Kuopio, a city in the Finnish Lake District, that we published a few months ago when it was freezing cold and the whole place was covered in snow. Now Crossing the Baltic’s Finland correspondent Leena-Mari Laukkanen has returned with gorgeous shots of the first days of summer. The […]

Crossing The Bridge

by Anna-Cara Keim The Bridge, “Broen” in Danish and “Bron” in Swedish, is a ten part crime series about a Swedish-Danish police investigation of a murder that has just recently been broadcasted by the BBC. The Bridge follows in the footsteps of internationally successful Scandinavian television dramas such as the Danish crime series The Killing, […]

25 Hours in the Car But Granny Keeps Us Entertained: A Pessimist’s Outlook on EURO 2012

by Mateusz Zatonski  With less than a month left until the opening game of the European Football Championship, UEFA is sending e-mails to all those lucky enough to be selected in the ticket lottery re-assuring them that their tickets are just in the process of printing. Although it might sound trivial, for many Polish fans […]

A (Polish) History of Violence: The Difficulties of Advancing Women’s Rights in the 21st Century

by Adrianna Minta This April, a fresh controversy related to gender politics took Polish media by storm. Jarosław Gowin, Poland’s current minister of justice and a Civic Platform politician, stated loud and proud that he would vehemently oppose the signing and ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women […]

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