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The North and the Notion of Space: Mental Geographies in the Baltic Sea Region

by Anna-Cara Keim East, West, North or South? The notion of geographical space is always subjective. What we view as North or East constitutes South or West for those living respectively further North or further East. However, in most cases mental geographies are very conscious constructions, and geographical space is no longer simply formed by […]

Eyewitness: Euro-reminiscences from Warsaw

If you follow us on Facebook or on Twitter you have been experiencing an onslaught of photographs and updates from the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine throughout June. For the unlucky few who have not (yet!) entered into a virtual friendship with us on either of those networks, here are a few of our […]

Cultural Differences in Foreign Policy: The Concept of Intervention

by Peter Lindén As the recent case of Syria has shown, the issue of military intervention is again topical in international media. The countries surrounding the Baltic Sea understandably have different views on the idea of military intervention; some states are firm believers and promoters of democracy and liberal values while others emphasize the need […]

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