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The ‘Finnification’ of The Sami People: A Silenced History

by Jesse Hirvelä The Sami are arguably the only indigenous people within the European Union. They are concentrated in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. They share a common language and distinguishable traditions dating back thousands of years. The Sami heritage  became threatened when Finland started rebuilding herself […]

Baltic athletes bring back 385 medals from London 2012

by Mateusz Zatonski With most of CtB’s contributors currently residing Great Britain, we have naturally been closely following the Olympic and Paralympic Games that recently took place in the city of London. We have of course paid particular attention to the performance of athletes representing the countries of the Baltic rim. The world’s biggest sporting […]

Summer in Riga and what you can expect next

We admit that it has been a little quiet on Crossing the Baltic’s website lately but no worries, we have not disappeared. Instead some of the board members embarked on a summer holiday to Riga where they not only visited Crossing the Baltic’s Latvian correspondents but also fell in love with this incredibly beautiful city: […]

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