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Politics and social media: why Eastern Europe’s politicians are all atwitter

Politicians in Central and Eastern Europe are taking to Twitter in increasing numbers – but with mixed results, finds Philipp Köker. Since Barack Obama’s use of Twitter and other social media in his successful 2008 presidential campaign, more and more politicians (or their PR advisers) have discovered the power of delivering short, 140-character messages to […]

Putinism – An Ideology?

by Anna-Cara Keim Putinism is an expression widely used to describe the ruling style of Russia’s current president Vladimir Putin. This ruling style has been described as a guided democracy with a carefully managed economy resembling the rent-seeking oil economies of the Persian Gulf. Moreover, gas and energy have also become Russia’s defining foreign policy […]

Eyewitness: Winter in Finland

Every year we are trying to encourage our readers and correspondents to send us their best winter snapshots from all around the Baltic rim. However, it seems that most contributions come from Kuopio in Northern Savonia, Finland. The image below features the Puijo Tower. Its revolving restaurant makes the 75 meter high observation tower one […]

The Finnish Far Right Part 1: The Lapua Movement

by Kristofer Jäntti Introduction to the Series ‘A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of Populism’. Since the 1980’s Europe seems to be in the grips of a ‘populist zeitgeist’. It manifests itself in the success of organisations such as Jean Marie Le Pen’s Front National in France or Geert Wilder’s Party of Freedom in […]

Eyewitness: Travelling South from Warsaw

Our photographer Piotr Herbec has been travelling south from Warsaw over Poland’s wintery roads. He caught in his lense not only a glimpse of a central Poland turned winter wonderland, but also the restaurants and hotels lining the roads connecting the country’s major cities. Frequently, these are built in a style reminiscent of the traditional houses of the […]

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