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Meeting the Demographic Challenge in the Baltic Sea Region: The Best Agers Project

There are currently a  number of interesting projects happening in the Baltic Sea Region  that are financed by the European Union through its “Baltic Sea Region Programme”. However, it was pointed out to Crossing the Baltic that some of these projects sadly remain completely unnoticed by the public – even within the region. The Best […]

A Week in the Baltic (Sea Region)

Upon popular request we have introduced a weekly news update from the Baltic Sea Region. Every Sunday we will give an update of the news of the week on our specially created Baltic Bulletin. This week we are presenting you with a news roundup from Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Russia. Please follow the link: […]

LSE SU Polish Economic and Business Forum: ‘Poland – a green island on a rough sea?’

by Kristofer Jäntti, Anna-Cara Keim and Mateusz Zatonski  The intermittently freezing and boiling Old Theatre (some panellists joked about ‘British-style austerity’) welcomed a wealth of delegates to the London School of Economics Polish Economic and Business Forum. It was only for the second time that this event, organised by the students of the LSE SU […]

Digitalization of Democracy: Is the EU falling behind?

by Teodor Kalpakchiev The recognition of the role of Internet and digital technologies can easily be judged by the self-criticism in the latest Digital Agenda for communication in Europe[1]. With the presence of 50 million wireless devices by 2020, Europe should provide the necessary digital solutions to pave the way to the already existent ICT growth. […]

Revisited: Russia and the Origins of the First World War

by Mateusz Zatonski Dominic Lieven’s Russia and the Origins of the First World War, first published in 1983, remains one of the classics in the historiography of the causes of WWI. At a lecture given at the London School of Economics on February 5th, Prof Lieven reviewed some of the hypotheses that informed his assessment of […]

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