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Does History matter? : Eastern Partnership and Lithuania’s EU presidency

Our guest author Mariana Semenyshyn looks at the challenges that the Eastern Partnership brings for Lithuania’s EU presidency – and how history might give us some answers Lithuania has recently taken the baton of EU presidency, becoming the first Baltic state to assume the responsibilities of chairing the Council of the European Union . Although […]

Cruising the Baltic – St. Petersburg

by Paolo Sorbello St. Petersburg and Tallinn – Getting into Russia can be a pain, mainly due to the onerous visa process. Even obtaining a tourist visa can be a bureaucratic nightmare and deters many from visiting the beautiful sights of the Eurasian lands. One way around it, unless you’re Argentinian and enjoy a visa free tourist entry […]

EYEWITNESS: 69th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

Warsaw commemorates the 69th anniversary of one of the bloodiest episodes in its WWII history with countless ceremonies, reconstructions, and public discussions on the Polish capital’s past.

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