The blog:

Crossing the Baltic was founded in September 2011 by a team of motivated young academics from Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, and the UK. As a blog-style magazine we aim to supply our readers with an eclectic perspective on the Baltic Sea Region, ranging from current affairs and politics, through historical research, to developments in arts and culture. Our project has been an adventurous journey from the very beginning…

We believe that the Baltic Sea Region lies at the heart of Europe and that this region, with its rich past, will form an important part of the European future. Far too long Europe has clung to the use of mental geographies that reminisce too many associations with the Cold War era. Crossing the Baltic strongly believes that strengthening the importance of a Baltic Europe may help to overcome old divisions. A region once viewed very much as the periphery of Europe has become the heart of the continent thanks to transnational collaboration and policy-making.

We sincerely hope that our readers will enjoy this exciting adventure as much as we do!

Despite our academic backgrounds, we pride ourselves on abandoning inaccessible scholastic jargon and combining high research standards with a form friendly to readers of all backgrounds.
All work and pictures, unless stated otherwise, are our own.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor or you have an idea for a post please contact us at crossingthebaltic@gmail.com.

You can follow us on twitter @CrossingBaltic.

The Editorial Board:

Mateusz Zatonski is Crossing the Baltic’s social media officer. Having completed his undergraduate studies in Oxford, Berkeley, Glasgow, and UCL, Mateusz is now preparing for a Ph.D. in East European history. His interests include national identity formation, xenophobia and ethnic relations, Jewish history, Polish politics, immigration, federalism, film, as well as Western horseback riding.

Mateusz Picture

Anna-Cara Keim holds an MA in Politics from the University of Glasgow and has recently completed an MSc in International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is the editor-in-chief and founder of Crossing the Baltic. Her research interests include contemporary politics, especially identity formation and identity politics, within the Baltic Sea region as well as photography, visual art and literature. During summers she can be found travelling around the Baltic Sea Region with her camera but winters are best spent skiing somewhere in the Alps. Dividing her time between London, Copenhagen and Central Europe she works as a freelance writer and photographer.


Indra Mangule is a member of the editorial board. After having completed a postgraduate course in Democracy and Democratisation at University College London, she has returned to her native Riga to work in the NGO and academic settings as a researcher.  Her academic interests include political theory, national identities, civic republicanism and normative questions of political theory. As to the personal interests, she likes to think of herself as an aspiring photographer, writer and film critic. Nevertheless, to take one step at a time she will start with sharing her insights into the world of the Baltic Sea Region.


Kristofer Jäntti is a contributor and editor for Crossing the Baltic. He has degress from the University of Glasgow and the LSE where studied Politics. His interests include nationalism, right-wing populism, Finnish Politics, immigration, as well as exploring the culinary delights from the rim of the Baltic Sea.

Kris picture

Peter Lindén was the creative director of this blog and he has designed our much loved logo. He has recently completed his  MSc International Relations student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Previously he has written about international politics and music.

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