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Revisited: Russia and the Origins of the First World War

by Mateusz Zatonski Dominic Lieven’s Russia and the Origins of the First World War, first published in 1983, remains one of the classics in the historiography of the causes of WWI. At a lecture given at the London School of Economics on February 5th, Prof Lieven reviewed some of the hypotheses that informed his assessment of […]

Jewish Cultural Revival in Poland: A New Remedy to Poland’s ‘Phantom Pain’? *

by Marta Łomża Singer’s Warsaw is great fun. The one street that survived the two wartime uprisings and the post-war demolitions is dressed in posters and fairy lights, its normally empty ground floors turned into shops, lecture spaces and coffee shops. It is hard to make one’s way through the thick crowd. There is a dance workshop and […]

Restaurant Review: Mamuśka – A Polish Milkbar in London

by Kristofer Jäntti Tucked away in one of the ugliest buildings in London, the Elephant Castle Shopping Centre, Mamuśka offers Polish home-cooking at affordable prices.  The restaurant seeks to be a focal point for London’s Polish community, offering not only authentically Polish cuisine and television, but also a décor slightly reminiscent of Poland’s Communist Milkbars’ – though […]

Film review – ‘September Eleven 1683’ or: How the Poles lost the Battle of Vienna 330 years after the fighting ended

by Mateusz Zatonski The Battle of Vienna, which saw a league of Christian European states defeat the Ottoman Imperial forces at the gates of the Habsburg city, has a prominent place in the Polish historical psyche. Most Polish schoolchildren are taught from an early age that it was thanks to the brave Polish cavalry led […]

Looking for All Things Nordic? The Nordic Bakery in London

by Anna-Cara Keim Who doesn’t like a crusty and sweet cinnamon bun and a good, strong cup of coffee served in a chic, but relaxing environment? This must have been exactly what Jahli Wahlsten must have thought when he set out to open his first Scandinavian style café on Golden Square in Soho in 2007. […]

Film review – ‘Jesteś Bogiem’ (‘You are God’)

by Mateusz Zatonski On its opening weekend, Jesteś Bogiem (You are God) attracted over 370 000 Poles to their local cinemas. For a nation notoriously unenthusiastic about spending an evening with film and popcorn (unless the film is streamed for free online and the popcorn is accompanied by a can of beer, preferably consumed on the […]

The ‘Finnification’ of The Sami People: A Silenced History

by Jesse Hirvelä The Sami are arguably the only indigenous people within the European Union. They are concentrated in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. They share a common language and distinguishable traditions dating back thousands of years. The Sami heritage  became threatened when Finland started rebuilding herself […]

The North and the Notion of Space: Mental Geographies in the Baltic Sea Region

by Anna-Cara Keim East, West, North or South? The notion of geographical space is always subjective. What we view as North or East constitutes South or West for those living respectively further North or further East. However, in most cases mental geographies are very conscious constructions, and geographical space is no longer simply formed by […]

Crossing The Bridge

by Anna-Cara Keim The Bridge, “Broen” in Danish and “Bron” in Swedish, is a ten part crime series about a Swedish-Danish police investigation of a murder that has just recently been broadcasted by the BBC. The Bridge follows in the footsteps of internationally successful Scandinavian television dramas such as the Danish crime series The Killing, […]

Tallinn: Not just Cakes and Coffee

by Anna-Cara Keim Two weeks ago I returned from another trip to Estonia’s capital Tallinn. This small but beautiful city tucked away in a far-flung corner of North- Eastern Europe has become one of my favourite travel destinations. Tallinn, which began to appear on European maps in 12th century, is a true gem on the […]

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