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A Happy New Year in the Polish mountains

Melancholic pictures of Latvian lakes by Karlis Bergs have accompanied us through the last days of the tempestuous 2014. Crossing the Baltic opens 2015 by hiking into the Polish highlands to showcase another photographic project. This time we bring you the dramatic and spectacular vistas of the Polish Tatra mountains and nearby ranges by photographer […]

Eyewitness: Kuopio, Eastern Finland @ -29°C

Copyright © Leena-Mari Laukkanen Copyright © Leena-Mari Laukkanen

Amber – Gold from the Baltic Sea

by Mateusz Zatonski Amidst all this a silver river flows Under crags by the waving reeds, The far-flowing Vistula pours over marble pebbles, Her head in a wreath of willows; She divides into three at the coast, Where boats toss gently, and like dolphins On the water glimmering with gold The shores shine with amber… […]

Fire foxes & Aurora Borealis

By Kristofer Jäntti The Northern Lights are a curiosity, especially in the northern countries of the Baltic Sea Region. Their beauty captivates the imagination, and for many, including this author, the prospect of seeing one remains an unrealised dream. However, their presence has not gone unnoticed by the ancients – the earliest cave paintings in […]

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