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Crossing the Baltic is currently undergoing some changes and we are currently looking for a new editorial board. We hope to be back shortly with a design and some exciting new stuff! Should you be interested in getting involved, please contact us through the website or via email. Best wishes,   Your CtB editorial board

Bloggers and Editors Wanted!

Crossing the Baltic is currently looking for motivated young individuals to join our team as bloggers, writers and editors. Previous experience in blogging, academic blogging or journalism is desirable, interest in the Baltic Sea Region and/or eastern Europe and Scandinavia is absolutely essential. It is a great way for all aspiring journalists to gain some […]

Smoking in Russia – policy recommendations

Russia’s controversial involvement in the Ukrainian crisis in the last months has been labeled by many commentators as an attempt to take the attention of the Russian public away from the mounting internal problems of the country. One of the most serious of these problems has been since the last few decades the catastrophic health […]

Crossing the Baltic 2013 & 2014

The Crossing the Baltic team would like to thank everyone who has contributed to a successful year 2013. In addition to having a published some excellent blog posts and articles we have also been able to do a number of other activities. Two of our editors visited the BASEES European Congress at the University of […]

Live on Crossing the Baltic – ‘Europe: Crisis and Renewal’ Congress in Cambridge

Throughout this weekend we are live tweeting from the ‘Europe: Crisis and Renewal’ Congress at Cambridge University organised by the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies and The International Council for Central and East European Studies. The highlights this far included a public conversation between the doyen of East European Studies, Prof Stephen […]

Eyewitness: A Polish Easter

Despite big inroads from ‘Coca-Cola Christmas’, Easter remains the most important and most celebrated religious holiday in the still strongly Catholic Poland.

Politics and social media: why Eastern Europe’s politicians are all atwitter

Politicians in Central and Eastern Europe are taking to Twitter in increasing numbers – but with mixed results, finds Philipp Köker. Since Barack Obama’s use of Twitter and other social media in his successful 2008 presidential campaign, more and more politicians (or their PR advisers) have discovered the power of delivering short, 140-character messages to […]

Baltic rim weekly news highlights

To celebrate Crossing the Baltic’s first anniversary we invite our readers to follow our news highlights from the Baltic Rim. Every day we will provide you with a news-of-the-week round-up from a different country of the region via our social media. In order to keep informed follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We […]

Why do the European Union and Germany need Nord Stream?

by Aleksander Thomas The Nord Stream, previously known as the North European Gas Pipeline (NEGP), is a 1200km long natural gas pipeline, starting in Russia-Vyborg and reaching Germany’s Greifswald through the Baltic Sea. After its final completion, Nord Stream will be among the longest offshore pipelines in the world. It has the capacity to convey […]

Eyewitness: Euro-reminiscences from Warsaw

If you follow us on Facebook or on Twitter you have been experiencing an onslaught of photographs and updates from the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine throughout June. For the unlucky few who have not (yet!) entered into a virtual friendship with us on either of those networks, here are a few of our […]

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