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Lithuania’s currency (mis)adventures

by Nijolė Petrošiūtė. Translated and edited by Elena Lesieur. On 1 January 2015 Lithuania joined the Eurozone and became the 19th European state to have adopted the common currency. Lithuania can proudly claim to be a country with unrivaled experience in terms of changing currencies – citizens born before World War II have experienced this phenomenon […]

Cambridge Baltic Conference 2014 – Innovation in Education

Following the success and positive feedback of last year’s Cambridge Baltic Conference, this year’s event will focus on innovation in education. The first Cambridge Baltic Conference took place last year and attracted over 300 guests and a number of extraordinary speakers, including Valdas Adamkus, the President of Lithuania, and Siim Kallas, the Vice-President of the European […]

One Baltic Sea Region – Possibility or Dream?

A review of the One BSR final conference in Helsinki ’The Region is chasing a Phantom’ Anthony Jay, Council of the Baltic Sea States by Kerli Kirsimaa The closing event of the One Baltic Sea Region Project[1], a two-year venture as part of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, was held on 4th […]

A Note from the Editors: Our New Co-operation with the European Student Think Tank

Crossing the Baltic is very happy to announce its new co-operation with the European Student Think Tank (EST). Founded in 2010 EST has now become an extremely successful enterprise. The European Student Think Tank advocates a greater participation and involvement of students and young Europeans in European politics. Moreover, EST functions as a platform where […]

Baltic athletes bring back 385 medals from London 2012

by Mateusz Zatonski With most of CtB’s contributors currently residing Great Britain, we have naturally been closely following the Olympic and Paralympic Games that recently took place in the city of London. We have of course paid particular attention to the performance of athletes representing the countries of the Baltic rim. The world’s biggest sporting […]

The North and the Notion of Space: Mental Geographies in the Baltic Sea Region

by Anna-Cara Keim East, West, North or South? The notion of geographical space is always subjective. What we view as North or East constitutes South or West for those living respectively further North or further East. However, in most cases mental geographies are very conscious constructions, and geographical space is no longer simply formed by […]

Bypassing the Baltic

by Paolo Sorbello The pipe-dream has become reality. Since the late Nineties, Russian energy giants have been designing routes that would provide an alternative to the main web of Soviet-era pipelines. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 ideology was replaced by pragmatism in the Russian energy policy. Instead of pipelines with names […]

Languages in the Contact Zone: An Insight into the Origins of Baltic-Finnic Languages

by Krister SK Vasshus The Baltic languages are considered to be archaic due to the the similarity of their features to the linguistic ancestor of the modern Indo-European (IE) languages: the Proto-Indo-European language. Lithuanian is thought to be the most conservative off all IE languages spoken today. The history of the Baltic languages isn’t straightforward; […]


The Baltic Sea region: from the periphery to the centre. by Anna-Cara Keim What is Baltic Sea Region? Some have considered a transitory post-cold war invention. Others saw it as a challenge to the Nordic Identity that experienced a fundamental crisis during the early 1990s. In the 1990s it became an aspiration, a chance for […]


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