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by documentEast Annika Haas, Plane Watchers (2010 – 2011) Annika Haas, Plane Watchers (2010 – 2011) Watchers (2010 – 2011), a series shot by an Estonian photographer Annika Haas, is a fascinating story of ‘the dacha-district in the surroundings of Tallinn Airport, a relic of the Soviet era’ in contemporary Estonia. Workers of a local […]

Crossing the Baltic’s Survey: Baltic Sea Region – Phantom or Reality?

What is the Baltic Sea Region? How can we best define it? Does the region actually exist or is it just a spatial construct? And is there a common Baltic Sea Region identity? These are just a few examples of questions that occur again and again as part any discussion about the Baltic Sea Region. […]

Among Stars and Fire – Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival in Lithuania

Text and images: Maria Fernanda Stinghen Gottardi Magic, symbolic, idyllic and inspiring. Those are the words that come to mind when I remember my experience at the festival Mėnuo Juodaragis (MJR) XVII, in Lithuania, a  mosaic of Baltic culture where old and new traditions meet. From bonfires to jewellery, from sculptures and ceramics to a childeren’s […]

From Our Baltic Logbook: A Glimpse Of Tuscany From A Post-Communist Perspective

Our editor Mateusz Zatonski travels to Tuscany in order to prepare for a language exam and discovers the peculiarities of crisis-stricken Italy, which seems rather similar to Poland – at least to some extent. Speaking Italian can make you depressed. This is a conclusion you come to after spending two weeks preparing for a language […]

Eyewitness: A Polish Easter

Despite big inroads from ‘Coca-Cola Christmas’, Easter remains the most important and most celebrated religious holiday in the still strongly Catholic Poland.

Amber – Gold from the Baltic Sea

by Mateusz Zatonski Amidst all this a silver river flows Under crags by the waving reeds, The far-flowing Vistula pours over marble pebbles, Her head in a wreath of willows; She divides into three at the coast, Where boats toss gently, and like dolphins On the water glimmering with gold The shores shine with amber… […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Helsinki Nightlife

by Peter Lindén Helsinki is often ruled out when big name pop artists embark on tours of Nordic capitals. A city on the outskirts of Scandinavia, on the other side of the Baltic sea, it just isn’t worth it for many artists to make the trip out East to Finnish lands. While this exclusion from global […]

Fortune-tellers, bears and goats: Winter solstice celebration in Latvia

by Ilze Dimanta (“Ziemas svētki” or “Ziemas saulgrieži” in Latvian) Big seasonal celebrations like winter and summer solstice, as well as Easter (“The Great Day” – Lieldienas) and fall celebration in Latvia are rich in traditions. Rituals and traditions are mostly inherited from previous centuries when the farm work was directly dependent on the length […]

How Latvian became Latvian

by Kārlis Caune How did Latvia become Latvia? History is a funny thing. Every country and nation have a different story of how its name came into being. Often these names and their etymology can be traced back hundreds and thousands of years into history. Many linguists  are still struggling  whether the Baltic languages are […]


The Baltic Sea region: from the periphery to the centre. by Anna-Cara Keim What is Baltic Sea Region? Some have considered a transitory post-cold war invention. Others saw it as a challenge to the Nordic Identity that experienced a fundamental crisis during the early 1990s. In the 1990s it became an aspiration, a chance for […]


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