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Eyewitness: Euro-reminiscences from Warsaw

If you follow us on Facebook or on Twitter you have been experiencing an onslaught of photographs and updates from the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine throughout June. For the unlucky few who have not (yet!) entered into a virtual friendship with us on either of those networks, here are a few of our […]

Live From Poland

For the duration of the EURO 2012 Crossing the Baltic’s editor Mateusz Zatonski has returned to Poland. During the past couple of days he has been busy tweeting and updating our facebook page with news, amazing photos and comments on various ongoing cultural debates. Please check out our Twitter page for the latest news from […]

EURO 2012 – Europe is in for a Treat

by Mateusz Zatonski A few weeks ago we presented you with a rather pessimistic appraisal of the situation in Poland before the European Football Championship which the country is organising together with the neighbouring Ukraine. Many Poles seem to be worried by unfinished road construction projects, poor promotion of the tournament, and not least of […]

25 Hours in the Car But Granny Keeps Us Entertained: A Pessimist’s Outlook on EURO 2012

by Mateusz Zatonski  With less than a month left until the opening game of the European Football Championship, UEFA is sending e-mails to all those lucky enough to be selected in the ticket lottery re-assuring them that their tickets are just in the process of printing. Although it might sound trivial, for many Polish fans […]

Railway Tragedy in Poland: Archaic Infrastructure but an Excellent Emergency Rescue System

by Mateusz Zatonski Sixteen people have been killed and almost sixty injured in a tragic train accident that took place on Saturday evening in southern Poland. A southbound train on its way from Warsaw to Kraków collided with a train travelling from Przemyśl (near the Ukrainian border) to Warsaw. It is not yet certain what […]


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