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A sour experience with the West – the Ukrainian minority in interwar Poland

by Hannah Phillips Many Western observers have framed the ongoing protests in Kiev as a desperate call of the Ukrainian people to their government to focus its efforts on working towards membership in the European Union. While this narrative has been criticised by scholars for its attempt to oversimplify the motivations of the numerous groups […]

EYEWITNESS: 69th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

Warsaw commemorates the 69th anniversary of one of the bloodiest episodes in its WWII history with countless ceremonies, reconstructions, and public discussions on the Polish capital’s past.

Revisited: Russia and the Origins of the First World War

by Mateusz Zatonski Dominic Lieven’s Russia and the Origins of the First World War, first published in 1983, remains one of the classics in the historiography of the causes of WWI. At a lecture given at the London School of Economics on February 5th, Prof Lieven reviewed some of the hypotheses that informed his assessment of […]

The Finnish Far Right Part 1: The Lapua Movement

by Kristofer Jäntti Introduction to the Series ‘A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of Populism’. Since the 1980’s Europe seems to be in the grips of a ‘populist zeitgeist’. It manifests itself in the success of organisations such as Jean Marie Le Pen’s Front National in France or Geert Wilder’s Party of Freedom in […]

How Latvian became Latvian

by Kārlis Caune How did Latvia become Latvia? History is a funny thing. Every country and nation have a different story of how its name came into being. Often these names and their etymology can be traced back hundreds and thousands of years into history. Many linguists  are still struggling  whether the Baltic languages are […]

No Poppies but ‘Imported Anarchists’ – a Report from the recent Polish Independence Day Celebrations

by Mateusz Zatonski Every nation celebrates the biggest dates in its history differently. For instance, Fourth of July gathers Americans at hot-dog eating contests and firework shows. The British Remembrance Day is a rather more solemn affair, with the omnipresent poppy commemorating the victims of the Great War, and parades of war veterans applauded by […]


The Baltic Sea region: from the periphery to the centre. by Anna-Cara Keim What is Baltic Sea Region? Some have considered a transitory post-cold war invention. Others saw it as a challenge to the Nordic Identity that experienced a fundamental crisis during the early 1990s. In the 1990s it became an aspiration, a chance for […]


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