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Positivus 2013 – Three Days of Peace and Music

by Paolo Sorbello Salacgrīvā, Latvia is a small town on the Baltic Sea shoreline that offers nothing special throughout the year. It’s too far from both Riga and Tallinn to make for a summer retreat. However, for the past seven years, every July, it becomes the venue of the famous Positivus festival, attracting tens of […]

Film review – ‘Jesteś Bogiem’ (‘You are God’)

by Mateusz Zatonski On its opening weekend, Jesteś Bogiem (You are God) attracted over 370 000 Poles to their local cinemas. For a nation notoriously unenthusiastic about spending an evening with film and popcorn (unless the film is streamed for free online and the popcorn is accompanied by a can of beer, preferably consumed on the […]

25 Hours in the Car But Granny Keeps Us Entertained: A Pessimist’s Outlook on EURO 2012

by Mateusz Zatonski  With less than a month left until the opening game of the European Football Championship, UEFA is sending e-mails to all those lucky enough to be selected in the ticket lottery re-assuring them that their tickets are just in the process of printing. Although it might sound trivial, for many Polish fans […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Helsinki Nightlife

by Peter Lindén Helsinki is often ruled out when big name pop artists embark on tours of Nordic capitals. A city on the outskirts of Scandinavia, on the other side of the Baltic sea, it just isn’t worth it for many artists to make the trip out East to Finnish lands. While this exclusion from global […]


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