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Putinism – An Ideology?

by Anna-Cara Keim Putinism is an expression widely used to describe the ruling style of Russia’s current president Vladimir Putin. This ruling style has been described as a guided democracy with a carefully managed economy resembling the rent-seeking oil economies of the Persian Gulf. Moreover, gas and energy have also become Russia’s defining foreign policy […]

Nothing but Trouble for Putin and Gazprom

by David Grodzki Russian president Vladimir Putin will be happy that the year 2012 is coming to an end very soon. It has not been the easiest or most successful year in his career, nor has it been a particularly good one for the Russian state. Whilst the former KGB-officer secured a third non-consecutive term […]

An Unbearable Weight: Are We Looking Ahead to Twelve Years of Putin?

by Paolo Sorbello Vladimir Vladimirovich was used to obey. During his secret service years, he responded with martial accuracy to commands coming from the Kremlin. However, in the past twelve years, he had to learn to rule the Russian Federation from the driver’s seat. In fact, ever since the very last hours of the Nineteen-hundreds […]

Eastern Promises and Western Interpretations

Putin’s victory in Russia’s recent presidential elections hardly came as a surprise. Yet, it has not only sparked a number of protests within Russia but it has also given rise of a whole new set of debates within international media. Please find a selection of reports and comments on the Russian election results below: http://www.economist.com/blogs/easternapproaches/2012/03/after-election […]


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